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NED, 53

Active 7 days ago
Boston, MA

(dopamine+ seratonin+oxytocin)

Love is a chemical state of mind. Scientists has proposed 3 stages of love, with each driven by different formulas of hormones and chemicals. The chemicals that race around in the brain when in love serve several purposes but primary goal is the continuation of our species.

Since he's already taken care of the continuation of the species part, why don't you just get to know this sweet cinnamon roll of a nerd-dad? He's funny, he's smart, he can cook and his beloved children don't want him to die alone.

P.S.: he doesn't know we did this, so add to the plus column that his kids love him so much we don't want him to die alone with his favorite motorcycle. He's a good guy, give him a chance! XOXO Ruthie and Nate.